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Just some random musings this week,

The Guineas Festival is over for another year and although, arguably, this years renewal of the two Classics were not of a very high standard the racing was generally good.

The crowd were also better behaved than in recent years , although towards the end of the day they were raucous and resembled a football crowd with their chanting.

Even in the elevated heights of the Millennium Grandstand was not exempt.

I had to endure the final race on Sunday surrounded by a baying stag party – the noise levels not helped by the sheer luck that several of them managed to back the eventual winner.

They were clearly having a good time and had enjoyed several drinks. Yes they were noisy and could have done with turning the volume down somewhat. What really irritated me, however, was their language. It was peppered with a constant stream of expletives.

Now don’t get me wrong I am no prude I can, given sufficient provocation, eff and blind as well as the proverbial East End docker. However there is a time and place for such language and at a racecourse where there is mixed company and children is not the place.

Just as an aside, whilst mentioning East end dockers language – if soaps like Eastenders and Corrie are meant to be authentic working class series why does nobody swear?  Are you seriously telling me the real life Mitchell’s, Slater’s and Bianca’s would not litter their conversations with ripe Anglo Saxonisms.  

- - - - -

It was Bank Holiday Monday yesterday, time for a feast of racing – not!!!

Now I’m not advocating a return to 14 meetings on a Bank Holiday Monday but only four meetings were scheduled yesterday and one of them, Newcastle, was Cancelled.

Of the three remaining meetings the furthest north was Warwick – not exactly the land of mills and whippets.

The other two, Kempton and Windsor, were only 12 miles apart.

The “blame” for this was an OFT inquiry which said fixture allocation was unfair and it should be opened up to competition – well if this is the result then bring back the old system.

There used to be a 50 mile rule which said that there could not be two meetings on the same day within 50 miles of one another – that seems quite logical to me.

Just to redress the balance, the next Bank Holiday has a distinct Northern bias with another proximity clash with Carlisle and Cartmel both racing.


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