Global Warming


I’m confused – OK that doesn’t take much I know.

I’m at an age where I find myself somewhere in the house then wondering why I have gone there. I then spend the next five minutes retracing my steps trying to remind myself why I was where I was in the first place. Then three hours later, usually too late, I remember why I was where I was.

Anyway I digress.

Watch television, listen to the radio, pick up the newspaper and all you hear is we are at risk of global warming, the end of the world is nigh.

I open my bedroom window and all I see is a blanket of white and my thermometer tells me it is minus six outside.  

More importantly my beloved race meetings are being Cancelled. My plans for this week were Towcester on Sunday, Market Rasen on Monday and Taunton today. The first two both fell to the frost and with Taunton I have a dilemma.

It’s a three hour drive from home to the course and I like to arrive at least an hour before racing, however the inspection is taking place at a time I should be half way to the course.

What do I do?

Do I chance it and actually get an afternoon at the races?

Do I get half way only to find it has been called off, or even worse they call a later inspection and it is called off once I arrive at the course? That would not help my blood pressure or temperament and woe betide the first driver who cut me off on the long journey home.

No I am wimping out and spending another day in the office chained to my keyboard.

Another afternoon with AW weather racing on ATR, Chapman blathering away in the background.

At least I have Cheltenham to look forward to – I hope the frost covers are out already. If not lets all get the coal fires burning, lets all get on the road in our gas guzzlers, lets all go on long haul flights.

I want some immediate global warming to make sure Cheltenham is not iced off.

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