Good Friday


 Today is called Good Friday, personally I am struggling to see what is good about it as there is no horse racing in either the UK or Ireland.

I fully accept, for Christians, Easter is the most important and significant festival of the year and if Christians want to spend the day in church that is absolutely fine and I wish them well and every happiness.

What I strongly object to is when their beliefs impinge on those who do not share them.

To say Britain is a Christian country is a misnomer, there may be many nominal Christians, however the number of regular church goers is a small minority.

It beggars belief that in the 21st century that the Church of England is still the established Church and that senior Bishops automatically have seats in the House of Lords.

Parliament is currently looking at repealing obsolete laws, I would suggest the first they look at is the one that establishes the Church of England.

Good Friday is a public holiday and I would happily wager that any racecourse that had been allowed to race today would have a very healthy crowd.

If people do not wish to go racing on Good Friday due to their beliefs, then they are not being forced to attend, however those of us who wish to attend should have the choice if we wish.

Some Christians argue non-Christians are happy to take off the Christian holidays – do we have a real choice? When I used to work in the “real world”, I was always the first to volunteer to work over Christmas.

I would go as far as to suggest all Bank Holidays, be they religious or secular, be abolished with the removed days being enshrined by law into individuals holiday entitlement, the people can take the holidays when they want.  The only provision I would make in the law is, if any practicing adherent of a recognised religion wanted time off for religious observance then employers would have to grant that holiday.      

Tomorrow there is racing at Newton Abbot, which in normal circumstances I would attend without a second thought, however being a Bank Holiday weekend I have to factor in following caravans and the like down either the M5 or A303, depending on which route I decide to take.    

Without Bank Holidays we would go someway to avoiding the regular gridlock on the road network as thousands try to go to the same place at the same time. Those going on holiday may be happy to consider the waiting time to be a necessary evil, for those attempting to get to work it is a nightmare.    

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