Random Winter Thoughts

It is hard to believe we are already in February, what on earth has happened to January?

More pertinently what has happened to January’s racing, with over 30 meetings being lost to the weather.

February is starting in an even worse manner, with even so called all weather meetings being Cancelled.

Isn’t it about time we did away with the misnomer of all weather racing and come up with a more appropriate name?

How about AS racing?

AS being Artificial Surface racing. Some would consider sandpit racing to be more appropriate. But please no more All Weather.


I have to confess I am feeling something of a jinx when it comes to the current bad weather. As I go racing about five times a week this time of the year I tend to plan my racing in advance.

In January I planned to attend 20 meetings – I actually managed to attend only nine and two of those were last minute reschedules.

For February I have 19 meetings planned and the first of those, Market Rasen on 3rd February, has already been Cancelled.

So I have the following offer to racecourse managers.  If you want your meeting to go ahead and not be at risk of being Cancelled due to the weather, please feel free to make any financial inducement you see fit, so I do not plan to visit your course.  

Otherwise the curse of The Beast may hit you.


It is good to see the BHA staging additional fixtures to replace those that have been cancelled. Let us hope the bad weather does not put the mockers on these additional meetings.


In The  Old Beast Almanac I predicted the closure of at least two courses in 2009. Little did I think the first closure would have come so quickly, nor did I think Great Leighs would be the first to go to the wall.

Administrators are looking to sell the course off, let us hope they succeed.


Finally, on a non-racing matter.

I know most parents all think the fruit of their loins are the most wondrous creatures in the universe. However they need to bear in mind that others may not see your children in the same light.   

I have just been on a flight where, for almost an hour some parents were happy to let their child run up and down the aircraft aisle, as if it was some adventure playground. They were quite oblivious to the nuisance their child was being.

Indeed they seemed more interested in enjoying their wine.

In the end a flight attendant put out an announcement for the parents to claim their child.

Guess what, they actually seemed miffed they were being asked to look after their brat?

You do wonder is some people should be allowed to breed.  




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