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Urban myth No 179 … if you don’t bet you can’t enjoy the racing.

Poppycock ……. you can enjoy the racing without having a bet but having said that betting on a race does give it an extra edge and excitement.   

There is a golden rule of betting however, that is decide a monetary limit for each race and don’t exceed it. It is very tempting to increase your stakes if you’re loosing in an attempt to claw back what you’ve lost … otherwise known as chasing your losses, do this and you will lose even more.

Equally if you have a couple of winners it is tempting to put on more money in later races because you’re “feeling lucky”, this is called being greedy, do this and you’ll most likely lose the money you have already made, plus some more.

Most punters are looking for the big win - it rarely happens, that’s why the bookmakers stay in business. Consider this - you set off to the races with a betting fund of £60, i.e. £10 a race for six races. You go home with £66 in your betting fund. £6 profit doesn’t sound much, but you have made a 10% return on your investment. Show me a bank anywhere in the world which will give you a 10% return on your investment in an afternoon!!

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