Set in the heart of the Lake District, Cartmel is a charming and inevitably very popular course. The best advice is to arrive as early as possible and take time to explore the village of Cartmel.

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Course Configuration:

A jumps only course, the circuit is only 1 mile 1 furlong round with a spur dissecting, the course which is used as the finishing straight. The run in from the final fence to the finishing line is almost half a mile in length, one of the longest in the country.

Cartmel's tight configuration, coupled with its flat nature, means it suits nippy handy types rather than dour stayers.

Cartmel has more winning favourites than almost any other course in the country.

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Admission (2012 prices):

Cartmel operates a dual enclosure policy with the Paddock enclosure costing £18 - £20 and the course enclosure £10 - £12.

Annual membership: Hill & Stream enclosure £330 (double), £225 (single) – renewing members only. Paddock enclosure £210 (double), £105 (single).

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Cartmel is a pretty little village in the Lake District and it is not designed to take the large influx of cars on raceday. The rule is arrive as early as possible …. Those in the know will arrive early morning for afternoon meetings and by lunchtime for evening meetings. Access to the course is signposted from all the nearby major roads. Access is via country lanes and a one way system is set up to ensure traffic flow. Make sure you follow the signposted routes, do not try and be clever and devise your own route to the course, the chances are you will not be allowed to get there.

Ease of public transport access: Moderate (Rail to Cark-in-Cartmel then special bus transfer)

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Suitability for the first time racegoer: average

Last Reviewed: August 2012

Web Site:

Telephone: 01539 536340

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