Day Before

Wet Enclosure

The day before.

Check the weather forecast. If it is likely to be tipping down with rain you may want to rethink, if you do the first visit properly you will spend a lot of time in the open and there is no point in spoiling the day by walking round soaking wet. Also if there has been a lot of rain the meeting may be called off anyway. Check with the racecourses website or give them a ring to check. 
The evening before.

Buy an evening paper or check the Racing Post website to check the start time of the race meeting, if there are a large number of runners then an extra race could have been added to the card. (Generally there are always at least six races at each meeting, sometimes as many as eight or, rarely, ten).

Also have a look at the number of runners in each race. There are, sadly, some days when most of the races at a meeting have six or fewer runners, if this is the case with your meeting you may want to consider going another day when the racing is more competitive.

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