The only national hunt course in East Anglia, it can be tricky to get to but once there the journey is well worth it.

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Course Characteristics:

Fakenham is an almost square circuit about 1 mile round. The course is left handed (anti-clockwise). There are slight dips along two of the sides, otherwise the course is flat.


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Admission (2013 Prices):

There are three enclosures at Fakenham – course (£8), grandstand (£15) and Members (£20). Unusually course admission gives access to the parade ring and with the racecourse being generally flat with good viewing from all enclosures.

Annual membership: £120 single, £185 double and £10 for 18-24 year olds.

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Unless you happen to live in Norfolk it is invariably a long journey to get to Fakenham. Coming from the south the AA recommended route says leave the A1 at St Neots, join the A14 at Cambridge, then the A11 and finally the A1065. However the A1065 it is a 43 mile single carriageway road with no real alternatives, which if it’s clear is all well and good, however on this day there were roadworks at Swaffham which resulted in spending an hour in near stationary traffic. Coming back I took the A149 / A17 joining the A1 at Peterborough and found it much quicker.

Ease of public transport access: poor (Rail to Kings Lynn then bus or taxi)

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Suitability for the first time racegoer: very good

Last Reviewed: January 2013

Web Site: www.fakenhamracecourse.co.uk

Telephone: 01328 862388

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