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The next question is when to go? If possible I would recommend going to a midweek afternoon meeting. With the exception of Good Friday and a few days before Christmas there is now racing virtually every day and from April – August most evenings as well. There is also evening racing under floodlights, generally three nights a week, throughout the winter.

Different days generally attract different types of racegoers.

Midweek afternoon’s tend to be the quieter days unless a) it is a big festival meeting like Ascot, Goodwood etc or b) the course is in a holiday location like Yarmouth or Newton Abbot in which case a large number of holidaymakers attend. Normally they attract the hard core racegoers, although more and more corporate days are now being held.

Midweek evenings are generally busier than midweek afternoons, there tend to be a few more groups attending, often after work parties. A large number of courses now lay on “free” concerts after racing so numbers are boosted by fans of the band. (Note I put the word free in quotes, although advertised as free concerts, some courses actually increase admission prices on concert nights, especially if the act is a “big name”).

Saturdays are traditionally the busiest day. These tend to have the best races and the crowds are proportionally bigger, some would argue too big on occasions. These meetings are also increasingly attracting stag and hen parties so they can be more raucous.

Sundays are fast becoming “family fun days”, where attractions are laid on for children so the whole family can come racing. There are mixed views as to these days depending on whether you have / like children or not. In the end, you pay your money and takes your choice.

Bank Holiday race meetings invariably attract large crowds and are more likely to be geared towards family days out, so like Sunday racing it’s very much down to personal choice. 

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