Located to the east of the city Nottingham is now a flat only track.

The standard of racing tends to be moderate, although some classy two-year-olds can often be found at the course as they are often sent from Newmarket.

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Course Characteristics:

The track is left handed (anti-clockwise) and is 1½ round. There is a spur at the entrance to the home straight allowing straight races over 6 furlongs. Interestingly these is a second straight course inside the main one to allow races on fresh ground if need be. The course is virtually flat with only very minor undulations.

Powerful galloping horses do well at Nottingham.

Draw Advantage: This depends on where the stalls are situated. On the straight course, if the stalls are on the stand side then high drawn horses have the advantage, especially when the going is soft. If the stalls are on the far side and the going is good to firm then low drawn horses have the advantage.

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Admission (2013):

Nottingham have three types of meeting Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Silver Days have a single enclosure costing £12, Gold and Platinum Days operate with a dual enclosure costing £15 for Grandstand on either and £20 for Premier on Gold Days and £25 on Platinum Days.

Annual membership: £195 joint £370 (2012 prices)

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Located in Colwick Park off the A612, 2 miles east of Nottingham City centre. The M1, A1, A52 and A46 trunk roads are all nearby. The racecourse is well signed locally.

Ease of public transport access: Moderate (Rail to Nottingham then taxi)

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Suitability for the first time racegoer: good

Last Reviewed: April 2012

Web Site:

Telephone: 0870 850 7634

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