Post Race

Parade Ring

The horses are unsaddled, with the first three or four horses going to the winners enclosure. The jockeys remove the saddles and go and “weigh in” this is to ensure the horses are carrying the same weight as when they jockeys weighed out before the race. If a jockey doesn’t weigh in or if he / she weighs in at a different weight they can be disqualified. (see complications). The one exception to this rule is if it is raining heavily during a race an allowance will be made for any weight a jockey has gained by their clothing absorbing water.

The horses are washed down after the race. Once all the jockeys have weighed-in and provided no objections (see complications) have been raised the words “weighed-in” are announced over the public address system. Once this announcement is made the result is considered to be official and it can only be changed in very exceptional circumstances.

Once the weighed in is announced there is usually a trophy presentation to the winning connections.

However, there may be some complications.

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