The Race

Parade Ring



When almost all the horses are in their stalls the starter mounts his rostrum and when all the horses have loaded and the ‘all clear’ has been given by the stalls team, he / she shouts ‘blinds off’ so that any horses that have been blindfolded for stalls entry can have their blindfold removed.

The starter then presses a button and the gates at the front of the stalls open and the race is on.


Once the equipment has been checked the horses are called out onto the track and are asked to form a line in front of the tapes. When the starter is happy he releases the tape and the race is on.

They're Off .....

....... and the race has begun. If it’s a 5 furlong sprint the runners will already be running full speed and the race will be over within a minute. If it’s a 3 ½ mile jump race the runners will set of at a steady pace. Whatever is happening the action will be described over the public address system by the course commentator.

No two races are the same, some may have a clear winner others may have a finish so close that it takes a photograph to decide the winner. Whatever happens as the horses approach the end of the race everything gets more frenetic, the commentary becomes more exciting and your fellow racegoers will be cheering their fancied horses.

After the horses have crossed the line the judge will either announce the result or if they aren’t sure they will call for a photograph by announcing “photograph / photograph” over the public address system. With modern technology it doesn’t take long to identify the winning horse and very soon the judge will be announcing details of the winner and placed horses. Generally they first of all announce the result just by saying the horses numbers, e.g. “First number 6, second number 3, third number 1 and fourth number 5” (if there are a small number of runners the judge may well announce the finishing order of all the horses). Following the number call the judge announces the ‘official’ result, this time with the horses name and race name “Here is the result of the Joe Bloggs Handicap. 1st number 6 Lucky Lad, 2nd number 3 Box of Tricks, 3rd number 1 Top Of The House, the 4th horse was number 5 Man Alive.” You will tend to find the judge will announce the results of all the placed horses plus the next one, so in the example above places will be on the first three horses and the 4th horse is for information in case a place horse is subsequently disqualified. (see complications).

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