The Day Itself


What to wear?

That’s always a difficult question. The rule is “dress for the weather”, it sounds obvious but I have been to race meetings where people have worn the most inappropriate attire for the weather conditions …. now I have absolutely no problem with ladies wearing short, skimpy dresses with large hats when they go racing … but when it’s blowing a gale and raining it’s not really sensible. Racecourses can be exposed places and the wind can whip round the stands, even on a sunny day this can have a distinct cooling effect.

Also the enclosure you’re attending at the racecourse will determine what you wear. Although it varies from course to course, there tend to be three levels of enclosure Premier or Members, Tattersall or Grandstand and Course or Silver Ring. The better the enclosure, the better the facilities, the greater the cost. The top enclosures usually have a dress code which can range from no jeans or shorts through to men having to wear a jacket and tie. The lesser  enclosures have fewer restrictions, although most do frown on customers removing shirts. See course descriptions for individual course dress rules.     

The most important item of clothing to think about is your footwear. If you go racing you do a lot of walking, quite a lot of it on grass. So wear comfortable walking shoes and if its wet or has been raining make sure they’re waterproof. I’ve seen many a poor lady struggling across the lawns in stilettos.

What to take?

At the very least buy a specialist racing paper, i.e. The Racing Post. If you have, or can borrow, a pair of binoculars then all the better. Take enough money to pay your admission and to buy any food and drink. Also take some money for betting, but no more than you’re prepared to lose …. I always keep my betting money in a separate section of my wallet so I can keep track of my spending.

All you need do now is set off for your day at the races.     

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