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Getting There

Unless you are mega-rich and own your own helicopter, you basically have two choices for reaching your racecourse - drive or public transport, well that’s the theory, however the choice isn’t always a practical one. Some racecourses have railway stations adjoining, or very close to, the racecourse, very handy indeed; others require planning akin to organising a major trans-polar expedition. For more information on access see the course guide.

You’ve reached the racecourse and the next decision is where to park. Some courses offer a choice of parking, some have a mixture of free and paid parking, although paid doesn’t always mean better.

Parking can be a haphazard affair with some racecourses having all their parking on a tarmac surface whilst others only have parking in the centre of the course. Most courses only have parking on grass, which is fine if it’s dry but a potential nightmare if it’s been raining and it’s the final day of a three day meeting …. try parking your pride and joy in the middle of what has effectively become a ploughed field. The thing to bear in mind is that many racecourses are not geared up for the motorist although this is slowly improving.

You’ve arrived and have decided which enclosure you want to go to (bear in mind that at most courses each enclosure has a separate entrance.) If you choose to go into one of the ‘lesser’ enclosures and you later change your mind and upgrade to a more expensive enclosure this is normally possible by paying the difference once inside, however on busy days this may not be possible as enclosures may fill up. Now it is time to get down to the job of finding winners.

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